I Know My Zodiac Sign - What Is The Difference Between My Sign and My Natal Chart?


Your “Sign”

Most people know their “sign”, which is really their Sun sign. This is often thought to be the most influential and important part of your natal chart reading, which is why most people refer to it as their “sign.” However, most people don’t realize that the other planets have an effect on your overall personality as well!

Maybe you know someone with your zodiac sign and you don’t think you’re at all like them. Or you have seen memes on Instagram regarding your sign and you don’t resonate with that behavior. That is because you have so many other influences affecting you that you may not have realized! Here is a very brief breakdown of the planets effect on our personalities:

Rising Sign - how we come off during first impressions

Sun Sign - All rhythms of life

Moon - Emotions and feelings

Mercury - Communication and Intellect

Venus - Love and pleasure

Mars - Motivation and Anger

Jupiter - Optimism and Growth

Saturn - Responsibility and Limits

Uranus - Innovation and Progress

Neptune - Dreams and Unconscious

Pluto - Power and Control

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Cayla DeRegis